Host an On-The-Water Course

CONFIDENCE in your boat operators is the key to your peace of mind!

Host a training course for your staff, employees, members, or for the public at your facility! By doing this, students are getting quality training on the boats that they use, in the location that they use them.  Some insurance companies will even offer your company a discount if all of your vessel operators have on-the-water training! With so many benefits to hosting a Nautical Solutions course, why not? Organizations can request to host ANY course that we offer. In fact, host ALL of them!

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On-the-Water Training Opportunities

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1. Safe Powerboat Handling - AKA SPH - (2 days)

This course is a great place to start for any skill level from beginner to advanced. For a more advanced audience, you may want to consider the accelerated SPH or another option below. Students can obtain US Powerboating, NASBLA, & state boating certifications. 

[Starting at $1600 based on number of participants]

2. Accelerated Safe Powerboat Handling (1 day)

The Accelerated SPH covers the same on-the-water modules without the classroom portion. It is great for students who have already taken a classroom or online boating course. Students will obtain US Powerboating Certification.

[Starting at $800 based on number of students]

3. Safety & Rescue Boat Handling (1 day)

For intermediate boaters who have already taken a SPH course. This course is great for individuals who are looking to get into more complex boat handling skills or those who frequently work with capsized sail boats, towing or search & rescue. First responsers and emergency service providers love this course!

[Starting at $800 based on number of participants]

4. Safe Powerboat Handling and Safety & Rescue Boat Handling (2 - 3 days)

SPH is a prerequisite for the S&RBH course. However, they can be taken concurrently for a more comprehensive training program. We can combine the accelerated or the full SPH with the S&RBH course to accomplish everything in 2-3 days!

[Starting at $1600 based on number of participants and number of days]

5. Design a Custom Course (flexible)

Anything and everything your heart desires! Well... let's keep it related to boating, please! By designing a custom course, you can taylor your training program to meet your organizations' needs. 

[variable cost based on number of students, level of training, and course length] 

6. USCG Licensure Courses (minimum 60 hours)

Did you know that anyone that is paid to drive a boat carrying passengers must have a USCG Captain's License? Make sure that your operation doesn't get shut down by getting your vessel operators licensed! Or, you can contract us to hire a captain anytime you need one at a discounted rate! [Course dates & cost]

7. Private Instruction (minimum 3 hours *depending on location)

Contract us to work with all of your clients, employees, or friends in a 1:1 setting for optimal results and specialized instruction. Get a discount on private lessons for your staff or clients by contracting with us for your private lesson needs. If you just want some business cards or fliers to have on hand for those looking for more information, that works too!

Captaining Services

If you have on-the-water operations that require a licensed captain, or would prefer that a licensed captain operate their vessel, we also offer contracted captaining and crewing services. Nautical Solutions will match your organization with a captain that meets your specific needs. To find out more about if you are required by the USCG to have a licensed captain on board, please contact us. We can help you figure out what maritime rules and regulations apply to your on-the-water operations.