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Vessel dealers, marinas, insurers, and other marine service companies around the country are partnering with Nautical Solutions for all of their clients' training needs. Why?

Yacht Sales Professionals

Clients don’t buy if they’re scared to drive! Give them another reason to say, "YES!" to YOUR product! When a client purchases a boat that needs lessons, sales professionals refer their clients to captains, who may or may not have any teaching experience, or credentials. When you partner with Nautical Solutions, our team can offer professional, accredited instruction to your clients, either through pre-scheduled courses or private lessons. Our courses also satisfy most states mandatory education standards so your clients can receive their state credential, as well.

Partnering with us means on-the-water professional instruction to your clients, the community & getting more leads in the door! Your potential clients appreciate when you care about their safety on the water. If you take care of them, they will take care of you. This may mean recommending your company to other, or going to you for their next vessel upgrade.

Vessel Insurance Companies

Nautical Solutions is able to offer proficiency assessments and certification for larger vessel operation, and on-the-water accredited certifications for small craft operation. How does an insurance discount help your business? Many insurance companies offer vessel insurance discounts for having our US Poweboating certifications and many of our students are new boat owners, or will be after taking our course. Meaning, they haven't binded yet or are likely to switch to an insurance company that offers discounts for certifications that they have! By partnering with us, we can refer our clients to you. Also, when your boaters are more education, they are safer on the water, and you are less likely to file insurance claims. 

Marinas & Harbors

Let us help you by allowing your marina to provide better services and education for your clients. Your clients, employees, and guests are safer when you provide boating education, instruction, and consulting through Nautical Solutions. Become a true full service marina by partnering with Nautical Solutions to offer your clients and tenants our services. Safe money on repairs and extra maintenance caused by tenants with poor boat handling skills. Utilize our referral service to help boat owners find what they need. Offer classroom or on-the-water certification courses to help boat owners comply with boating education requirements. Get your marina employees certified to decrease your liability and potentially decrease your insurance costs. Do you have owners struggling with obtaining proper insurance? We can complete an Insurance Proficiency Assessment for their insurance company. Call us today to schedule a Nautical Solutions service at your marina.

Other partnership opportunities

Our strategic partnerships offer a greater experience for your clients and ours. We invite retailers and service providers capable of offering members of our community a unique service or unparalleled value to contact us with proposals. Or, you can use the form below to request pamphlets, fliers, posters, or business cards from us to display for your clients.

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