Are you interested in working with us? 

We can't do it all by ourselves! So, if you have the skills to perform some of our services or would like to add to our list of services offered, please let us know!

  • US Powerboating/Sailing certified instructor, or similar?

  • Captaining or crewing experience?

  • Consulting?

  • Do you have (or are trying to develop) business administration, marketing, or advertising skills?

Tell us how you could fit into our company! Currently all of our employees are sub-contractors or interns due to insurance regulations.

Current Opportunities

We are actively in search of persons to fill the following specific opportunities:

  1. Intern (part-time) - We are looking for a business/marketing intern to help with day-to-day operations, marketing, and business development. If interested please email your resume and a brief cover letter about why you'd like to work with Nautical Solutions and your experience (if any - not required) in the boating world. This opportunity will be what you make of it. You can be involved as little or as much as you'd like. It is very flexible and there may be opportunities to earn commissions.

  2. Captains (per diem) - Calling all instructors, captains, consultants, and educators - we're looking to add more instructors to our roster. So please apply by emailing a resume and cover letter. Your cover letter should explain why you'd like to work with us, your experiences that qualify you for the role you're interested in playing, and what you can bring to Nautical Solutions. You will be required to carry your own liability insurance and have it in place by your first assignment. Hourly or daily rates + commission.