Safety & Rescue Boat HAndlinG

The S&RBH course is an 8-10 hour hands-on, on-the-water course for anyone who would like to improve their power boat skills. This course is mostly focused on individuals that use powerboats to perform safety and rescue functions; regatta personnel, sailing instructors, marine patrols, police and fire rescue personnel, park rangers, and on-the-water sailing instructors and coaches.


  • US Powerboat's Safe Powerboat Handling Certification (may be taken concurrently)
  • Any state-required certification (varies by state)

Add-ons & other options: Combining the Accelerated SPH with this Safety & Rescue Boat Training creates an awesome, 2-day, comprehensive training program. You can add on any of the "course customization" modules below, including CPR & First Aid.  Alternatively, your organization can fully customize any course to meet your needs. Click here to learn more about customizing a course.

Course Customization

Somes classes is customized to align with state laws and host facility preferences. Any course-specific information (including cost) is included in the calendar event description for each course.

On-the-water Objectives

  • Safe towing methods for multiple sailboats
  • Anchoring *
  • Familiarization with your programs vessel
  • Assisted capsize recovery methods **
  • VHF radio communications**
  • Towing: astern & alongside **
  • Williamson turn **
  • Steering a range in/outbound **
  • Intercepting & maintaining position with moving vessel **
  • Use of bearings & GPS **
  • Search pattern **
  • Steering a range *
  • Proceeding to a destination *
  • Docking *
  • Leaving & returning to a slip *
  • Person in water rescue/MOB * **
  • Tying up coach boats and sailboats
  • Coming alongside sailors
  • Operating around a capsized vessel
  • Setting and retrieving marks
  • Holding Position near a stationary object


  • Hoist launching powerboats
  • Towing a trailer for traveling coaches
  • Close-quarters maneuvering *
  • Engine & Electrical Systems *
  • Starting Procedures *

Classroom Objectives:

  • First Aid & CPR certification
  • Safety, prep & weather briefings *
  • Rules of the Road
  • Navigation
  • Maneuvering concepts *
  • Challenge test-out *
  • VHF radio procedures **
  • Safety & rescue equipment & procedures **
  • Towing concepts **
  • Search patterns concepts **
  • Plotting a position **
  • Calculating tides & currents **

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    * skills required for US Powerboating Accelerated SPH certification

    ** skills required for US Powerboating Safety & Rescue Boat Handling certification

    NOTE: SPH certification is a prerequisite for the S&RBH certification (may be taken concurrently)