US Powerboating

Accelerated Safe Powerboat Handling

Why do students take this course? 

  • They already ...

    • have (or can obtain) their required state boating license

    • have prior boating knowledge

    • have taken a online or classroom boating course

  • To improve their boathandling skills

  • To get a discount on their boat insurance*

  • To obtain US Powerboating's Safe Powerboat Handling certification

What is it? How is it different from the state-approved course?

The Accelerated SPH course is just a shorter version of the state-approved SPH certification focused on practicing boat handling skills. This accelerated course is 8-12 hours and 80% of that time is on-the-water instruction. To receive the US Powerboating certification, students will be tested via a written exam (50 Qs) and practical assessment. Successful students are those who have studied the books and materials before the class begins. We are available to answer questions about the material via email/phone/Skype. This accelerated course is more flexible than the standard Safe Powerboat Handling (SPH) because it does not include the lengthy classroom portions.

Topics covered on exams: equipment requirements, rules of the road, vessel types, propulsion, engine systems, aids to navigations, preparation, environmental regulations, safety and emergencies.


early registration $250 (>1 month prior to course)

general registration $300 (2 wks - 1 mo. prior)

late registration $325 (within 2 weeks of course)

Requirements: You MUST have any required state certification/license prior to taking this course. If you have any questions about your state's requirement click HERE for more information or email us directly.

*Accepted by MOST insurance companies for discounts

NOTE: To keep costs down, all students are responsible for ordering their course materials directly from US Sailing (av. $30/student). An email on how to do this will be sent to you after you submit your registration information. Materials may take a week or more to be delivered so be sure to order your materials earlier rather than later! This fee is not included in the course cost.