Custom On-the-water Training

Having CONFIDENCE in your boat handling skills is the KEY to being an EFFECTIVE and SAFE vessel operator! Organizations can request to host ANY course that we offer. In fact, we would prefer that you host ALL of them! Make your training relevant to your staff and students! ONLY with Nautical Solutions, can you design a course using the modules below or email us to ask about alternate modules or pre-designed custom courses. Please, look through our portfolio of past courses! We've done everything from 4-hour women's intro-to-boating clinics, to 3-day comprehensive courses.

On-the-water Objectives:

  • Safe towing methods for multiple sailboats

  • Anchoring *

  • Familiarization with your programs vessel

  • Assisted capsize recovery methods **

  • VHF radio communications**

  • Towing: astern & alongside **

  • Williamson turn **

  • Steering a range in/outbound **

  • Intercepting & maintaining position with moving vessel **

  • Use of bearings & GPS **

  • Search pattern **

  • Steering a range *

  • Proceeding to a destination *

  • Docking *

  • Leaving & returning to a slip *

  • Person in water rescue/MOB * **

  • Tying up coach boats and sailboats

  • Coming alongside sailors

  • Operating around a capsized vessel

  • Setting and retrieving marks

  • Holding Position near a stationary object

  • Hoist launching powerboats

  • Towing a trailer for traveling coaches

  • Close-quarters maneuvering *

  • Engine & Electrical Systems *

  • Starting Procedures *

Classroom Objectives:

  • First Aid & CPR certification

  • Safety, prep & weather briefings *

  • Rules of the Road

  • Navigation

  • Maneuvering concepts *

  • Challenge test-out *

  • VHF radio procedures **

  • Safety & rescue equipment & procedures **

  • Towing concepts **

  • Search patterns concepts **

  • Plotting a position **

  • Calculating tides & currents **

Don't see what your looking for? Are we missing a topic that you would like covered? JUST CONTACT US!

* skills required for US Powerboating Accelerated SPH certification

** skills required for US Powerboating Safety, Rescue & Support Boat Handling certification 

NOTE: SPH certification is a prerequisite for the SR&SBH certification (may be taken concurrently)Depending on how you design your course it may not meet NASBLA, US Powerboating or USCG requirements for certification. THAT'S OK! It's your course, you can certify if you want to! Let us know and we will work with you to design the course that you need. Age limits are subject to state laws.