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6+ Reasons to Host an On-The-Water Course

6+ Reasons To Host An on-the-water Course!

Safety is always the number one item at the top of every on-the-water organizations' priority list! No matter how safe we claim to be, there is always room for improvement! All of the boating safety books in the world are great, but doing is how you understand, just like field trips & science projects in school. The confucious use the quote above, which means that none of our teaching tools are as effective as experiencial learning. So, get out there and physically participate to fully understand something!

Here are a few other reasons that might persuade you to host an on-the-water course at your organization:

  1. On-the-water Training!  
    1. Increase employee safety & comfort on the water! 
    2. Peace of mind that your team is safe!
    3. Every boat is different... this course can familiarize students with the boats that they will be operating.
  2. Professional Development (certifications are not required)
    1. NASBLA Certification - National Association of State Boating Law Administrators
    2. US Powerboating Certification - The nation's best and most comprehensive hands-on boating agency!
    3. State Certification (available in most states) - CA Boater Card, NJ Boating Safety Cert., etc.
    4. Experiential Learning - N/S certification (if other certifications are not available)
  3. $$$ Save Money! $$$
    1. Most insurance carriers offer discounts when all vessel-operators are certified!
    2. Insurance discounts for students' personal vessels!!! WOOHOO!
    3. More training = less accidents = less costly vessel repairs = lower insurance premiums = $$$ SAVINGS $$$
    4. Weekday course discounts!! 
  4. Flexibility! Customization!
    1. Customize your course! No one else offers this! No more cookie cutter courses!
    2. Don't waste time on things you already know! N/S will keep in mind your budget & needs.
    3. Look at our "past course portfolio" below to get ideas!
    4. We can charter vessels if your organization don't have enough!
  5. Learn-to-Sail Programs & your instructor candidates!
    1. Give your instructor candidates the tools to succeed and ease their nerves by working with a US Sailing Instructor Trainer to teach them the skills for their certification.
    2. How are your current instructors? Could they use a refresh on their on-the-water skills?
  6. Create a Fundraiser!
    1. Non-profit or boating education-based programs can host a course as a fundraiser for their program!