"You give me confidence!" - Marilyn

Impromptu Private Lesson #3:

Around 6pm, I got a call from Marilyn saying that tried as she might, SHE FIXED THE HYDRAULIC STEERING and went out for a cruise with some friends! Coming back to the dock, the wind picked up and she could not get into her slip after several attempts. (Preface: the marina docked her next to another beamy boat and she only has about .5' - 1' of leeway on either side of her boat in the slip. Not easy!) So, she docked at the fuel dock!!!! YAYYYYY!!! (I love when my students listen to my advice and know their limits. If your marina is ok with it, it's the best move if you can't get into your slip for one reason or another!) However, she would like my assistance in the morning to move it back.

Of course!!! So, we got back into the slip after playing with our approach and some spring lines. So. Much. Windage. We got in there safely, effectively and may have determined the best plan of attack on windy days! woohoo!

On my way home, I got a message from Marilyn, "Thanks for your help. You give me confidence!". This may be one of my FAVORITE comments that I've received from a student! It's definitely in the top 5. Thank you Marilyn for knowing your own skills and kicking butt during your journey to becoming an epic Mrs. Captain!


Marilyn Bayliner.jpg