Custom course Portfolio

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Custom Safe Powerboat Handling 

(2.5 days) N/S & OEI created this custom course for their employees to meet all of the requirements for SPH and state certification. They also wanted to include additional skills that their employees need to know to perform their duties. On day 1 we used their conference room to go over all of the classroom material. We picked up day 2 at Treasure Island Sailing Center so that we could utilize their fleet for the on-the-water portion of this class. On day 3, we were back at OEI to go over reveiw questions, take exams & then BBQ for lunch!

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Women In POWER[boats] 

Women's Boating Clinic (variable duration)

This course is aimed at empowering women to feel confident and safe taking out their vessels on their own. We will learn about engine trouble shooting, docking, launching, approaching a mooring, vessel handling at all speeds, and more!


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Sailing Instructor Power boat Handling Workshop

Instructor Training Workshop at Sachem's Head Yacht Club. (6 hours)

Review and refresh on safe powerboat handling specific to skills that sailing instructors need to know and practice! We will work on towing, MOB, docking, assisted capsize recovery, engine trouble shooting, and more!

Instructor candidate accel. PB Handling

Half Moon Bay Yacht Club created this course to prepare their instructor candidates for the level 1 certification practical power boat assessment. This course also meets the requirements for students receive their SPH certification but we added in training on all of the maneuvers that the instructor candidates will be tested on. 

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Launch Operator Clinic

Powerboat handling training for launch operators @ Sachem's Head Yacht Club (4-6 hours)

We will work on docking, operating at safe speeds, tips and tricks about carrying passengers, coming alongside a mooring, MOB recovery & procedure, engine systems, holding position alongside a stationary object, and more!

38' Bayliner - Marilyn

Private Lessons

From "oh no, she's coming", to docking with a round of applause. Marilyn bought her first boat in 2017 and realized that it wasn't just like driving a car! So, she hired us to help her be more comfortable operating her new vessel!