Captain Jaimie Bartlett

This crazy, rambunctious, nautical nomad is the owner! BS in Psychology & Cultural Anthropology, working on a MS in Speech Language Pathology & Education, 7 for 7 on USCG exams, Master Near Coastal, assistance towing & sailing auxiliary endorsement, Sailboat racer & champion of OYRA 2018 PHRF 3 "Sea Star", amateur tactician & capable trimmer, 6 years of boating/sailing instructional experience, 1 year as a collegiate sailing director and college sailing coach, 3 years of teaching PK-12, US Sailing Instructor Trainer, US Powerboating instructor, and an extremely strong passion for the water.


Cpt. Daniel Greeley

Associate Instructor



Cpt. Seamus Dougherty

Associate Instructor

100 GT Master all oceans & Unlimited tonnage 3rd mate all oceans


Cpt. Ryan Danilson

Associate Instructor



Cpt. Mitchell Andrus

Charter Captain - Q&M Travels

100 GT Master IL

Shoreside Operations Specialists

The shoreside operations team is run by Bartlett CPA. This kick-ass firm is owned by a fellow-sailor, whom I happen to call Mom. The book-keeping and payroll portion of Bartlett CPA is managed by another sailor-mom of 3, who is also my sister, Elizabeth Bartlett. I will whole-heartedly admit my biases but with over 35 years of experience helping businesses make money, and being sailor-owned & operated, Bartlett CPA has the perfect skill set to help our maritime business clients.

Captain’s Licensure

We are extremely grateful for our partnership with Captain Gary Kulibert, owner-operator of Explorer's Guide Maritime Academy, for enabling us to host all of our USCG licensing classes.

Instructor Certifications

All of our on-the-water courses and instructors are certified through the United States Sailing Association.

US Powerboating is the child company to US Sailing and focuses on power driven vessel education and safety.