What can nautical solutions do for you?

Here at N/S we realize that what makes you an expert mariner, or an expert in your field, doesn't always make you a shoreside operations expert. Possibly, you do have these skills but you just don't have the time to dedicate to those projects, you're out to sea too often or you're at sea for long periods of time.

Work with maritime industry and business consulting experts to create, grow, organize and run your business. Maritime industry-specific skills are vastly different than the shoreside business responsibilities that your business requires. We're here to help so that you're covered across the globe, no matter where you are! 

  • Website Design & Assistance: Editing, Creation & Content Assistance

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  • Subject Matter Expert for educational material editing & review

  • Charter option reorganization for marketability

  • Team building programs: creation & consulting

  • Financial Assistance: Accounting, taxes, Quickbooks & pay roll

  • Hiring Help - creating a position description, reviewing candidates and interviewing

  • Don't see what you need? Just ask us!