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Custom Safe Powerboat Handling


Hello students!

Your amazing employer has organized, and customized, this awesome power boating course just for you! So, make sure that you thank them for being so awesome and taking good care of you, their employees.

This course has a combination of classroom and on-the-water objectives. At the end, you will be required to take a comprehensive exam on the boating safety topics that we cover. It is highly recommended that you read through the book, supplemental materials and that you complete the review questions prior to the start of the course. Once you register for the course, you can collect your course materials from Tripp McCandlish. Students that successfully pass the course will receive a US Powerboating Safe Powerboat Handling Certification and a California Boater Card.

For your learning pleasure, we have combined the "state-approved certification course" with additional modules that are specific to your job. If you interested in learning more about the course, you can click on the links above (on-the-water edu -> state-approved/custom power boat training). As we get closer to the course, I will send out an email to all of the registrants with more information about your specific course.


Tentative Schedule

Wednesday, May 9th: 

Classroom presentations, videos, and other fun stuff at OEI

1 hour lunch break 

Thursday, May 10th: 

ON-THE-WATER @ Treasure Island Sailing Center (all day)

lunch via boat - Sam's in Tiburon (subject to weather)

BYO life jacket/PFD if you have one

Friday, May 11th: 

Review & Exams (est. 2 hours)

Rain date for on-the-water portion (day 2) of course


If you have any questions Tripp McCandlish is your best point of contact at OEI. If he can not answer your questions feel free to reach out to us at any time using the email address, hello@nauticalsolutions.org. 


EACH person that will be attending should complete this form for themselves.

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Mailing Address
Where do you want US Powerboating to send your certification? Please be sure to confirm that it is correct. We are not responsible for lost items if you enter the wrong address.
We ask about your age to determine how state boating laws will apply to you. You must be at least 14 to attend this course in any state.
How much do you know about boats? No matter your experience level, everyone will get something out of this course.
Can you swim? This does not determine eligibility to take the course. If we're aware, the better we can keep everyone safe. Everyone will be wearing a PFD/life jacket on all docks and vessels during the course. If you prefer, you are welcome (and encouraged) to bring your own.
What are you expecting from this course? Is there anything that you are specifically looking to accomplish?
Is there anything thatyou think the instructor should know? This can be about you, or about your organization. Allergies, hidden super hero powers, diabetes, limited mobility, secret crush on chat from accounting, olympic national titles, medical conditions, aquaphobia, etc.
I agree to the terms and conditions linked below *
If you are under 18, a parent or guardian must agree to the terms and conditions.

You will not receive a confirmation email. You can contact Tripp McCandlish or hello@nauticalsolutions.org if you need to confirm your registration went through successfully.