Beginner Training Options


Safe Power Boat Handling (SPH)

NASBLA/USCG approved, 16 hour course includes a combination of on-the-water and classroom instruction. Students can earn most state boating certifications, such as the CA Boater Card or NJ Boating Safety Certificate. 

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Private Instruction

Students can schedule private lessons and insurance proficiency assessments. You can host your own private course for yourself, family & friends.

Intermediate & Advanced Training Courses

Safety & Rescue Boat Training

Advanced training option for professional rescuers, first-responders, sailing instructors, regatta safety personnel, etc. If you find yourself towing, righting capsized vessels or assisting other vessel, this is the class for you. 

USCG Licensure

If you already have a lot of time on the water, why not shoot for your Merchant Mariner Credential? This is a captains license, which will allow you to operate a vessel, and carry passengers, for hire. However, many recreational boaters take this course for the immense knowledge & safety information that will be taught.